Good mobile patient lifts

Mobile patient lifts are a common sight within hospitals and elderly care homes, allowing for a much simpler and relaxing experience when it comes to hygiene and transporting people that have trouble moving on their own. There's a lot of reasons as to why any of these places would want, or even need, these types of mobile patient lifts outside of the ease of use as it helps reduce physical stress on both parties involved in the moving of patients and elderly. What normally would be a rough and repetitive task, seeing as cleaning and hygiene is of outmost importance, becomes a bearable experience instead. The stress and damage to backs when lifting bodies shouldn't be underestimated and can easily force employees to take a sick leave or even leave work permanently due to backpain. So, where do these places get the equipment they need from?

Manufacturer of patient hygiene equipment

As with most things within hospitals and care homes, mobile patient lifts are manufactured by a third party such as TR Equipment to provide high quality patient hygiene equipment for use in places where hygiene is extremely important for health reasons. Of course, there's plenty more than just mobile patient lifts aren't the only hygiene equipment available as they provide shower trolleys, stainless steel bathtubs and other products that are made specifically for hospitals and elderly care homes. You'll often see these if you go to hospitals and for a good reason too, they help things run smoothly after all.​

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